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It is with deep sadness and despair that we are having to make this announcement to all of our loyal customers and to the new whom haven’t yet had the opportunity of experiencing Saber Powersports.

We thank you for your immense patience in the company's constant changes in not being able to re-open this season because of the government restrictions placed on us, specifically around the 2 metre social distancing and the wearing of masks; which both are not feasible on our fleet of boats unfortunately. This has led to unacceptable delays in response times, which has almost certainly affected the majority of our customers. The administrative procedures have been both slow and erratic as we have only been able to employ Luisa - our Bookings Clerk on a P/T basis due to financial restraints the company is still enduring, in not having operated last year due to Covid.


As have many other companies been detrimentally affected by the pandemic, we have been too. We purchased the company in 2018 and in that short period, several positive changes have been put in place; many gleaned from customers feedback. We would like to personally thank each and every customer for their continual support during these extremely testing and difficult times of not being able to operate on the water. You have all been patient in waiting for our 2021 season to visit or return to Saber Powersports and enjoy your long awaited gifts etc.


We now find ourselves in a situation totally beyond our control, in that we are unable to obtain PLI (Public Limited Indemnity) insurance. Without which we absolutely cannot operate; this is a legal requirement for businesses involving the public in some way, as a means of protection and safety to our customers; which is foremost in our operating procedures.

The insurance issue has been an on-going project since January this year which seemed to be hopeful at the beginning of the process. However an incident occurred in August last year which led to a fatality of a 15 year old girl by a local competitor.  This was extremely unfortunate and very distressing for everyone concerned, especially the family affected. Coupled with the release of an interim report issued end of May by the MAIB (Marine Accident Investigation Branch) which related to the incident, was quite damming to similar operators! The full report has yet to be released!


This has affected us immensely and as a result we are deemed to be high speed operators, offering hourly experiences;  which in the insurers perspective carry a risk for them. This is causing a vast amount of pressure to us as a business and its employees. It’s not only our livelihood, but also all the individuals that Saber Powersports employs on a contractual basis from its Skippers to Shore Crew whom have lost two seasons work. But also the impact on each individual person who will no longer have the facility to enjoy time on the water at a very affordable price. The reason we purchased Saber Powersports was to bring as many people to the water as possible, especially children and in doing so safely. This has now been taken out of our hands entirely, which is devasting for so many. We run a very tight operation and hope that next season of 2022 this may change in our favour and that the insurers look at our type of business more favourably!   


  • We have full support from the Resellers that we deal with, namely Virgin, Buyagift and Red Letter Days whom have kindly agreed to extend every voucher to the end of next season, September 2022, at no cost to you as the customer. However if you would prefer to exchange your voucher for another product do please approach the Reseller direct where the voucher was brought from whom & they will be happy to assist you.


  • If you have brought direct from Saber via GiftPro  we are happy to extend your vouchers until the end of next season with absolutely no charge to you. If this is not acceptable to you then please email you will be assisted happily with your request.


  • In regards to customers Cancellations already brought forward from last year (2020) to this year. Please email with your request


  • If you have still have any concerns, questions etc. I would kindly ask that you email me in the first instance at  (please include your phone number enabling me to call you should I need to)  


Again we cannot thank you all enough for your continued support, patience and understanding in this situation we unwittingly find ourselves in, hopefully we will meet up next Season. Please keep fingers crossed for us 

"They are nothing like your normal motorboat"


Neil_K1111, October 2019

Take The Wheel


Chris Kamara, Harry Redknapp & John Barnes came to join in the thrills! See them on ITV Sandbanks Summer in Feb 2020!


Family  Boat Adventure

This Experience offers thrilling fun for all the family on-board one of our Honda 150 racing boats! An experience your family won't forget. Suitable for kids from the age of 4 up to 16 years of age. This package includes private use of one of our Off-shore Honda racing boats,

DSC_0170 copy.jpg

Honda SOLO

Experience the rush of the Honda 150 powerboat and some one-on-one racing tuition from one of our highly trained and experienced skippers. Have the boat all to yourself for a full hour of driving!

Luxury Day Out

Take a luxury day out on The Solent with up to three others. Enjoy a long morning and afternoon session in one of our Honda race-boats with a stop for lunch at one of Solent's picturesque seaside pubs for lunch.

h39 left air.jpg

We offer a variety of bespoke and tailored corporate events and team-building experiences to suit any business - swap the office for the sea!

Corporate Events & Team Building

Stag & Hen Parties

Got a friend who's just about to tie the knot? Book an exhilarating, adrenaline fuelled powerboat experience for the best pre-wedding celebration! 

Make some unforgettable birthday memories on board the Jet Viper! Our enthusiastic and energetic skippers will make sure everyone has a fantastic, fun and safe adventure!

Kids Events & Birthday Parties



The Solent

Based in the heart of Southampton and racing on the beautiful Solent strait - the boating Mecca of the UK there are plenty of places to eat sleep and drink, all experiences include 3 hours of free parking!

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