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All the things you need to know before your experience.

  • What should I wear?
    Bringing a change of clothes is advisable but not essential. It is however highly recommended for the Jet Viper experience. Also a towel. Light clothing is ideal when it’s a warm/hot day (shorts & T/Shirt) Fleece type fabric is not advisable as it retains water too much! You will be subjected to salt water so no clothing you don’t want ruined. Sunglasses/Eyewear is highly recommended for all our Experiences. Hairbands for long hair. No high heels for the Ladies please! We provide Weatherproof one-size jackets. Please note they are NOT Waterproof.
  • Will the weather affect my experience?
    We are rarely affected by extreme weather conditions and the causes are usually high winds. We always adhere to predictions showing adverse conditions before cancelling any Experiences this is to ensure the Clients safety at all times. We will get in touch with the Participant via the phone and then follow-up by email also. If we do not receive a response the Participant within the operating Season, they will lose their Experience. Experiences will not be brought forward to the following year because of lack of communication from the Customer end. We always aim to re-book within the same season (subject to availability).
  • How many people does each boat take?
    Each boat has room for one fully qualified skipper plus: 3 passengers in the Thunderbolt 12 passengers on the Jet Viper and, 4 passengers on the Honda 150 Raceboats
  • How many boats are there?
    We have one Jet Viper, one Thunderbolt and three Honda 150 Raceboats.
  • Do you have any restrictions?
    Please see here:
  • What happens on the day of my event?
    On arrival you will provided with a full Safety Briefing Checklist to read and is part of the Registration process. You must allow yourself 30 minutes prior to your allocated time for your Experience. You will be given full information on the Experience you are partaking in and what to expect. A full on-shore safety briefing from the On-shore crew staff as to the safety of the Experience. Also another Safety briefing from your Skipper specifically in relation to the vessel itself. You are then escorted to the Boat/s by our On-shore Crew staff and introduced to your dedicated Skipper. Photograph’s are taken for Saber’s social media & website purposes (You are given the opportunity not to participate in any of the photography events, (this is not obligatory in anyway) Spectators joining you are also able to do the same but are required to be accompanied to & from the pontoons by a Saber member of staff. You are then introduced to your appointed Skipper and he will also conduct a Safety Briefing in regards to the vessel. Then you are boarded and Set off for your one hour Experience - Where the Real Fun starts! On your return you are asked to return to the Shore crew staff to hand in all our belongings i.e. Lifejackets, weather proof jackets, Goggles and be handed back any of your belongings you have left in our possession (We do not take any responsibility for the storing of your valuables) You then have the opportunity of purchasing your 3D Video and it being installed on your smart device. (This has to be completed at the venue, on the day) You have use of the toilets & Changing Rooms. Pease be sure to keep an eye on your time at the Marina because of the 3 hour parking restrictions. Any questions please get in touch with MDL Marina @ Shamrock Quay direct on 023 8022 9461
  • Where are you located?
    The Experience is held at MDL Marina, Shamrock Quay, 5 William Street, Southampton SO14 5QL. There is access for the disabled i.e. Car parking, toilets etc. The kiosk is next to the Marina office.
  • Are spectators allowed?
    Spectators are very welcome and can join the participant on the pontoon/s before they depart but always with a member of staff (it’s a Private Marina for berth holders) There are facilities on-site to get changed and toilets.
  • How Long Should I Allow for the Experience?
    You should allow up to 2 hours for each of the Experience/s, which includes a full Safety briefing and Registration at the venue which allows approx. 30 mins It is essential the participant/s arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to their Experience thereby allowing enough time for a Group Safety Briefing and Registration. (If you are going to be late you must call in advance on 07809 726530, however this does not in any way secure your Booking) You must allow ample time for travelling to Southampton. The Management will endeavor to accommodate latecomers but there is absolutely no guarantee that they will retain their Experience on the day.
  • Will I get seasick?
    All our Experiences do not cause sea sickness. The boats should be constantly on the move and do not stand still. Therefore the motion which usually causes sea sickness does not occur.
  • Where can I park?
    There is a Car Park at the Marina (with Number Plate recognition) which offers 3 hours Free Parking. Saber Powersports is in no way connected to this Company and does not accept any responsibility in any incurred fines by anyone.
  • Is there anywhere to eat?
    The is a restaurant/Bar at the marina “The Bistro” opened in Nov 2019, which if booked in advance will offer a 10% discount to Saber’s customers. Telephone them direct on 02381 120012. There is a Café at the Marina open from 8 to 2:30pm only – No Discounts offered.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    A Booking cannot be cancelled or transferred within 28 days of the event. The administration cost of cancelling or transferring a booking prior to the 28 days is £25.00 per Booking (not per person) All our experiences are dependent on the weather and we advise you to check the weather updates published on our Website via or Facebook page, 24 hours before (usually around 6 to 7pm the night before).. If your experience is cancelled due to the weather you will be able to re-book, but your re-booked experience also remains subject to weather conditions. Please Refer to our full T&C’s on our website
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